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Product Learning


   Aluminum Blinds Product Overview

Find out more about aluminum blinds in this handy product overview. Read »


   Child Safety Simplified Webinar

Education is key to keeping kids safe! Learn how to become the trusted window covering child safety expert your customers rely on in this 22-minute webinar. Watch »


   Dual Shades Webinar

Get on board with this fast-growing category. Dual Shades are the cool, innovative category that customers are trending toward and you'll learn more about them in this 18-minute webinar. Watch »

   Dual Shades Product Overview

This PDF will give you an overview of dual shades. Read »


   Becoming an Alta Energy Expert

This 40-minute webinar will teach you how to explain energy efficiency to your customers and provide energy-efficient solutions. Watch »


   Honeycomb and SoftStyle Product Overview

Learn about our fabric features and translate those features into winning solutions. Read »

   Honeycomb Fabric Story Webinar

Learn how Honeycomb fabric is made in this 23-minute webinar. Watch »

   Honeycomb Fabric 101 Overview

In this overview, you'll learn all about Honeycomb fabric and the benefits it provides to customers. Read »

   Honeycomb Shades Lifting Systems Simplified Webinar

Learn when, what and how to recommend the best system for your customer. Watch »

   March 2018: What's New in Alta Honeycomb Shades Webinar

Find out what's new in the Alta Honeycomb line in this 11-minute webinar. Watch »

   May 2018: What's New in Alta Soft Style Cellular Shades, Webinar

Find out what's new in the Alta Honeycomb line in this 11-minute webinar. Watch »


   Alta Lifting Systems Simplified Webinar

A broad overview of all Alta lifting/operating systems, including a special focus on child-safe options. Watch »

   August 2018 Alta Cordless Lifting Systems

Forty-five minute webinar on Alta lifting systems, with an emphasis on cordless lifting systesm. Watch »


   Sept. 2019 Somfy Motorization - ST30, R28 and MyLink Webinar

Learn the technical details of the Somfy R28 and ST30 motors along with the ease of setting up and installing MyLink. Watch »

   Getting Started with Momenta – eLearning Module

The eLearning Module will show you how to get started with Momenta. Watch »

   Momenta Simplified Webinar

This 26-minute webinar will explain the Momenta system and how easy it is to integrate into home automation systems. Watch »

   2018 PowerWand and Rechargeable Simplicity Overview

Learn about the PowerWand system in this comprehensive guide. Read »

   May 2018: Motorization Simplified, PowerWand and Rechargeable Simplicity Motorization

This 25-minute webinar will provide an overview of SoftStyle cellular shades book and collection. Watch »


   Roller, Roman, Panel Track and Exterior Shades Product Overview

This guide will give you a basic introduction into shades. Read »

   Roller Screens Simplified Webinar

This 45-minute webinar is a deep dive into roller screens, including pricing differences between materials. Watch »


   Shutters, Product Overview

Learn about the key selling features of Eclipse shutters in this guide. Read »

   Shutters Simplified Webinar

This 36-minute webinar will introduce you to the basics involving the sometimes complex world of shutters, including tips. Watch »


   Vertical Blinds Product Overview

Key selling features and decor options are found in this guide on vertical blinds. Read »


   Window Shadings Basics Product Overview

Learn the basics of window shadings in this handy guide. Read »

   Window Shadings and Vertical Sheers Product Overview

This guide explains the key selling features of window shadings. Read »


   Wood and Faux Wood Blinds Product Overview

Learn about the key selling features in the overview of wood and faux wood blinds. Read »

   June 2018: What's New in Wood and Faux Wood Blinds

Find out what's new in this short 16-minute June 2018 update. Watch »


   Natural Woven Product Overview

The basics, selling features, and options of natural woven shades are found in this guide. Read »

Programs and Business Tools


   2018 Elite Partner Program

In this 35-minute webinar, you'll get a closer look at how our customized promotions can help your business become more profitable. Watch »


   Comprehensive eLearning Module

This eLearning Module will walk you through the basics of eOrders. Watch »

   Self-Registration and Changing a Password

This 15-minute webinar provides a general overview on getting started with eOrders, how to self-register, and how to change your password. Watch »

   Master File Setup

Learn how to customize your company settings in eOrders in this 17-minute webinar. Watch »

   User Login

This short webinar will walk you through how to log into eOrders. Watch »

   Pricing Setup

This short, 7-minute webinar will walk you through how to set up customer pricing in eOrders. Watch »

   Installation and Freight Pricing

This 10-minute webinar will walk you through how to set up installation and freight pricing in eOrders. Watch »

   Promotions and Rounding

This short, five-minute webinar will show you how to set up promotions and rounding in eOrders. Watch »


   Reference Guides Simplified Webinar

Learn how to quickly pinpoint what you're looking for and everything else you need to know about reference guides in this 35-minute webinar. Watch »

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