Working Together

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We pledge to be the best partners we can be and we’re committed to servicing you with integrity and responsiveness to help make your job easier.

Our seasoned team of industry experts is at your service with one goal in mind – your success.

Your primary contact is your Area Sales Manager. They will work with you to help grow your business by sharing product knowledge and industry expertise, and assist you in becoming more successful and more profitable.

// Customer Support and the Order Process

Our Customer Support Department provides you with product information, receives and processes all orders, and assists in handling repairs and returns.

Hours of Operation
8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Eastern Time, Monday - Friday

Contact Information:


eOrders provides much more than just a means to place orders. It is also an essential business management tool that allows you to:
— Place orders
— Generate quotes for customers
— Receive immediate order confirmations
— Compare prices of same size products
— Check order status anytime day or night
— Track shipments
— View your discounts
— Manage your orders by product type and sales person
— Manage your profit margins

If you haven’t already signed up, you can self-register online.

Go to, click on Dealer Login at the top of the screen, then Create an Account using your account number. For questions and additional information, please contact Customer Support at 800-669-6333. Press #1 for Customer Support, then #4 for eOrders.

Your Area Sales Manager will be happy to conduct one-on-one training for you and your sales staff.


Call 800-669-6333

• We are always happy to receive your order, whether placed by telephone or by fax. Our phone order desk has been equipped with recorders to help ensure accuracy.
PLEASE NOTE: The customer is responsible for the accuracy of all orders placed by telephone.

• Customer Support will enter your order into a set computer format, so please let them guide you through the process. Our system requires that we enter and read back your account number first.

At the end of each order, the Customer Support Representative will read back the order to be sure that the requested blind/shade specifications and options have been entered.



• All fax orders are entered within 24 hours of receiving, excluding weekends. Weekends may take up to 72 hours.

• Faxed orders that are missing information will be put on hold.
— We will email, fax or phone you to advise of any issues that need to be resolved.
— Orders are not valid until all pertinent information has been received.

• Fax Order Confirmations
— Order confirmations can be received via email (preferred) or via fax. Confirmations are sent for all orders placed and orders on hold. For this service, you must have a dedicated fax telephone line. Contact your Area Sales Manager or Customer Support to get set up for your selected method of receiving confirmations.


You may email orders or contact Customer Support using the following email address:


Each order is assigned an estimated completion date at the time the order is placed into our system. This date is automatically calculated based on the current production schedule and may be subject to change.


Log in to eOrders and you can check order status any time, day or night. You can also give us a call and check via phone prompt.

// Credit & Collection Department

Credit Department Hours:
9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Eastern Time, Monday - Friday

•The Credit/Collection Department establishes all customer payment terms based on financial information provided on the Credit Application you submit to us.

• We currently offer the following payment/terms:
— Auto A/R – can use a credit card or checking account for payment method. Any invoice that has shipped will be combined with open credits on your account and the net amount will be charged automatically. This is the most efficient method because your orders are not reviewed for credit.
— Open Credit-Prox Terms – can use a checking account for payment method only - no credit cards. Invoices that are dated the 1st through the 15th of the month are due on or before the 10th of the following month. Invoices that are dated the 16th through the 31st of the month are due on or before the 25th of the following month. This method is also efficient as long as you do not have past due invoices.
— Prepay – can use a credit card or checking account. Once you submit an order, we charge your card or account on file and release the order. The pre-payment method takes up to 24 hours after placing the order before it is released to the plant.


• All invoices are sent via email when the order ships. For Open Credit-Prox Terms customers, the monthly A/R statement is also sent via email.


• When paying an invoice, please indicate the customer account number on the check and include remittance advice to ensure that your payment is applied accordingly.

• Online billpay may be available. If you’re interested, contact the Credit Department to discuss.

// Repairs/Remakes and Cancellations


• Prior to sending blinds/shades in for repair, please contact Customer Support to ensure that your repair will be properly identified and processed. The appropriate information will be taken and entered into our system and a repair number will be issued immediately.
— To prevent freight damage, pack blinds securely.
— Please write the repair number on the outside of the box for easy identification.
— If the product is not returned, the claim will be canceled.
— We will complete the repair within 48 hours of date received (depending on availability of material).


• To process your request for remakes, please complete the online remake form here.

• Remakes will be scheduled for production and shipment within 72 hours of the date the claim is approved (excluding out of stock materials or specialty blinds.)

• To process your request for credits, please call or fax the following information into Customer Support:
— Your original sales order reference number
— Your account number
— The reference number of the blinds(s)/shade(s) for credit
— Detailed reason for the request
Please Note: Credit(s) that have been approved will be posted to your account prior to the next billing period.

RETURNS (may be required for quality purposes)

• It may be necessary to return the product for inspection.
— Customer Support will issue you a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number for that particular claim and will help make arrangements for the product on your claim to be returned.
— For easy identification, please write the RGA number on the outside of the box.


• Time is of the essence for orders that are received with Freight Damage. Many carriers will not honor claims that are made later than one week after delivery. Contact Customer Support immediately so that we may issue credit to your account and file a claim with the carrier.


• Because production may begin as quickly as 4 hours after receipt of your order, if it is necessary to cancel an order, please do so immediately. It is highly recommended to call the Customer Support line to cancel an order versus emailing the request.
— Once production has begun, the order cannot be changed or canceled.
— Contact Customer Support, once status verification of an order has been determined and if production has not started on your order, Customer Support will cancel your order.

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