Natural Woven Shades — What's New


NEW! Cordless Lift System

  • Improved performance, no bounce back or creep!

  • Stronger system, allows for larger shades: maximum width & height have been expanded to 96” x 96”! (vs. previous 84” x 84”)

  • Smoother operation and less cord friction due to new spool system

  • Smaller headrail (1.5”) reduces the minimum depth required

  • Available on Standard & Waterfall styles (Bottom-Up only)

  • Available with 2-on-1 and 3-on-1 headrail

  • Liners and Edge Bindings are available

  • Seaming is now available, eliminating size limits based on material

This system replaces the current Cordless Breeze system and will be a hard change effective August 21st. With the discontinuation of the Cordless Breeze system, all new orders and remakes as of August 21st will be made with the Cordless Lift.

Shade Limits

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NEW! PowerWand Option

  • Natural Woven Shades are now available with PowerWand 1.0 and the new PowerWand 2.0 for larger, heavier shades

  • The wand is positioned at the edge of the shade, and is available in 6 heights & 5 colors

  • Maximum size for single shade: 96” x 144”

  • 2.5” Headrail Only

  • Fabric deduction (headrail width – 3/8”) on wand side to allow wand clearance when operating the shade, see chart below: